Strangers on a Plane (bp coyle)

‘First time flying long distance?’

‘First time flying quite so far. I brought a nice fat novel to keep me going.’

‘I used to read a lot, before my wife died. Somehow I can’t seem to focus on books any more. They seem too… trivial.’

‘Sorry about your wife…’

‘That was two years ago now. Two years ago at the end of the month. Cancer you know.’

‘It’s a terrible thing… Well, guess I should get started on this. Only eight hours to go until we get to L.A.’

‘The time passes soon enough, try not to think about it. I used to work on an airline, before I retired.’


‘I get cheap flights, I travel a lot these days.’

‘Do you?’

‘It gets me out. Otherwise I would be moping around the house.’

‘I see.’

‘Chatting is the best thing.’

‘It is?’

‘Absolutely. It makes the time fly.’


‘You’re lucky I got the seat beside you, I can chat all day and all night.’


‘My wife used to say I could chat for Ireland. Did I mention that I used to work for an airline? Before that I was in the army…’

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