Take One For The Team (bp coyle)

The rule is simple: if someone dies during the exam everyone gets an A.

No way any of us were going to pass let alone get a high grade. The five of us had spent our time partying, having fun.

‘There’s no other way,’ Jane said. ‘Otherwise we all flunk and none of us can afford to do that.’

We laughed, Jane had an extreme sense of humor.

‘So are we going to wait for a volunteer?’ Sally asked. ‘Because I don’t see that happening.’

‘It’s not even possible,’ Hailey declared. ‘It’s stupid. Are we supposed to spontaneous die on cue?’

‘Oh but it is though!’ exclaimed Sue. Sue with the weird mind and the even weirder connections to the underworld. ‘It is possible. I can get cyanide.’

We all stopped smiling and looked at her.

‘We get one cyanide and four safe ones, aspirin or something. We put them in a bowl, mix it around and each pick one. One hour into the test we all take our pill. Four straight A’s and one…’

It was a good plan. We were drunk and high. We made a pact.

The exam starts in ten minutes.

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