The Devil Takes Care of His Own (bp coyle)

‘Cheer up Bro,’ she said. ‘Aunt Holly will kick the bucket soon and all our financial worries will be over. That house of hers must be worth a couple of million and we’ll get to split it fifty fifty.’

Yeah, right. She’ll probably leave it all to a cats and dogs home, or some weird cult we didn’t know she belonged to.’

You mean like a sex cult?’ she asked and we burst out laughing at the idea. We were pretty high.

Oh that’s just gross Sis,’ I told her. ‘Damn, that image will be in my head forever now!’

Don’t worry,’ she assured me. ‘She’s an atheist and she hates animals.’

Maybe so, but the old bitch is never going to die. She’ll outlive us all. I mean, what the Hell age is she anyway?’

She shrugged. ‘God knows. Well into her nineties I’d guess.’

See!!! She’s bloody immortal!.’

‘The devil really does take care of his own.’

She certainly that.’

We could always kill her off,’ she suggested.

We sat in silence for a time while I rolled another joint.

Nah,’ I finally said. ‘We’re just not the type.’

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