The Longest Night (bp coyle)

1:00 am

That’s fine, still got plenty of time to sleep. I need to get a couple of hours before the interview. Maybe I’ll just turn on the light for a minute and read through my notes again.

1:15 am

There, I almost have them memorised word for word by now. This means so much. If I get this job it will change everything. So much pressure. But I’ll be fine. I’ve done the research, practiced with anyone who’d listen. I’ll be fine.

2:30 am

I think I dozed off for a couple of minutes.

3:15 am

What if my alarm doesn’t go off properly? It’s happened before. Not for a long time though, it’ll be okay. Just try to rest for an hour at least. I haven’t slept well for days now, not since the email arrived.

4:35 am

I should give up on this, it’s not going to happen. I’ll close my eyes for a moment more and then go down and make some coffee.

12:30 pm

Oh God! Oh God!

No!!! I didn’t wake.

How could that have happened? I am way to late to go now.

I’ve totally blown it. What a fool.

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