The Monster’s Cave (bp coyle)




Oh will you please be silent, for goodness sake. The monster is sleeping soundly. That’s the way we want it. Please don’t go near her cave. She does not like being awoken suddenly. She does not like being awoken at all. She will snap. She will bite. She will roar. She will throw things. She will inflict pain. I beg you, keep well away. Take the long way around. Even if it takes an extra week to get to where you want to go.

What do you mean you have to go that way? What do you mean you have no time to waste? Are you mad? Demented? Do you have a death wish? If she wakes and leaves her cave we are all in danger. It’s not just you know. Think of the rest of us, for the love of God.

So, nothing I say is going to sway you? Fine! Be that way. Then tiptoe ever so gently. Take off your shoes. I don’t care how cold it is out. Frostbite is better than her wrath. Just remember, this is entirely your choice. Do not expect anyone to come to your rescue.