The New Girl (bp coyle)

I don’t care how hot she looks, there’s something not right about that new girl. Something off. I’m telling you man, it’s a bad idea to ask her out. Trust me for once. You can see it in her eyes.

Your nodding away but I can tell that you are paying no attention to me at all. Face it, you have a bad  record when it comes to the girls you are attracted to.

Yeah, sure this one is different. They are always different.

What about Valerie? She sure was different. She used to scream and cry if you were ten minutes late for a date.

Jean phoned you every ten minutes to ask if you missed her as much as she missed you.

And Elaine? Have you forgotten about her? She broke your heart time and time again and you still kept going back for more. I swear she got a kick out of it.

Please don’t do this. It will end up the way it always does, with you calling me in tears in the middle of the night.

Some girls are bad news.

Find a nice one and we can all get some sleep.

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