The One That Got Away (bp coyle)

‘So, what do you think of her? Be honest.’

‘I like her, she seems nice. Easy to get along with. Good sense of humour. How long have you two been together?’

‘Almost two months.’

‘Wow! Two whole months!!! It’s been a long time since you lasted that long with anyone. That’s great. You make a good couple, you obviously have a lot in common. Movies, hiking, bad haircuts…’

‘Yeah, yeah, totally hilarious. She is nice, really nice, but I just don’t know…’

‘Oh God! Here we go again. Just go ahead and say it.’

‘I know I am starting to sound ridiculous but she isn’t…’

‘Claire. She isn’t Claire. You’ve got to move on buddy. Claire certainly has. I hear she’s engaged.’

‘I heard that too. But you know, thanks for reminding me.’

‘So, are you going to spend you life moping over the one that got away? It’s been over two years.’

‘Hey, I’m trying man. I really am. Do you think I want to spend the rest of my life feeling miserable?’

‘Maybe. Maybe it’s easier to feel sorry for yourself than to make a commitment.’

‘That hurts man.’

‘The truth usually does.’

Image by bloodymarie from Pixabay

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