The Storm [A Poem] (Story by R.C. Peris)

I must confess my consanguinity with the sea.
A disordered mess wrecking my soul.
A blood harness with the hurried waves.
I am dry and clear.
Not even a drop pings my skin.
What drowns you, keeps me breathing.
Smash the storms…
Sizzling electricity burning the air.
Water dumps like a firehose.
Life be destroyed.
You will never ease into a chair,
In a home and watch the flames crack.
Pssssttt…all will be doused.
Your spongy organs…
Wring your life.
See what acid drops drip onto the drapery,
Submerged into the sea water.
Go, my kin, the sea.
Take his life. That singular life.
The small life that soured my soul.
Lemon drop puckered soul.
I am the sea, the rain, the blue lightning, the murderous waves.
I am your enemy. Do not reach for me.

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