The Trouble With Wizards (bp coyle)

We met up in the Old Horse’s Head to go over the details again. The last chance before we set out on our Quest.

Boris was unhappy. ‘We can’t go without a wizard.’ He slammed his empty tankard down. ‘Everyone knows that you can’t start a quest without a wizard.’

There was a loud scornful laugh from the bar and an old man wandered unsteadily over to our table.

‘Wizards the lad says,’ he said scornfully. ‘Don’t waste your time with them boys. Oh sure every quest starts out with one but before you’ve traveled twenty miles they’re gone. Off to do something important.’ He uttered that last two words in falsetto, rolling his head from side to side. ‘Something crucial. They’re gone before the action even begins. You’ll be lucky if you see them again until after your quest has finished. Whatever way it works out.’

He pulled a purse from his pocket and thew it on the table. ‘Here. Buys a few bottles of whiskey on me. Use it to celebrate or to drown your sorrows. But don’t waste your time on wizards. Take it from me lads, they let you down every time.’

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