The White Witch (story by Michael A. Cosma)

A harsh wind was blowing and I wondered who had been chasing me. Between the golden dust and sand in my eyes whoever it was simply appeared as a glimmer or a shadow figure.

As I lay sleeping visions of the White Witch would take over my dreams. Brilliant colors of white and shades of blue would envelop me as the White Witch was coming closer and closer.

Then I would awake and wipe the gold dust from my eyes. Once again finding myself in this desolate world being pursued and trying to stay a step ahead and feeling that I have been doing this for a very long time.

Suddenly, the White Witch appeared before me, As I ran full speed towards her it seemed like she was pointing at a small body of water in front of her. Although this seemed impossible, I put all my trust in her and dove head first into the water.

There I was right back in the dream world or the real world, at this point I could not make sense of it anymore, the bright white lights, beautiful shades of blue and the White Witch, over and over, again and again.