They Walk Among Us (bp coyle)

Aliens are here. They have been for a hundred years. I don’t mean illegal ones from across the border, I mean ones from outer space.

They fear us. They want to hold us back, keep us down. They want to stop us reaching our potential.

They have assumed our human form.  It is almost impossible to identify them. Unless you know how. Like I do. I have been aware of them all of my life.

They are the ones who sow the seeds of pogroms, witch hunts, wars. They never make the headlines. They act behind the scenes, planting the hatred, the fear into the minds of all who will listen.

They make country despise country. Religion despise religion.

That new woman who started at my factory today, she is one.  I knew it the second I saw her.  The way she instantly won everyone over with her fair hair, her breasts, her prefect teeth.  That phony laugh.

I am just one man, acting alone.  There is only so much I can do on my own.

But I will take care of her, just as I did with the others.

I do my bit for humanity.

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