Unusual Suspects [part two] (bp coyle)

He was deposited along with the others in a large, tiled basement. They were told to form a line, then left alone. Door closed. After a moment’s silence the nervous banter began.

‘I hate to think what the suspect looks like,’ someone quipped. ‘Because none of us look remotely alike.’

‘Probably black,’ one wag replied.

‘Where’s the mirror?’ a man asked. ‘You know the one the witness looks through.’

‘Oh they don’t have one here.’ In every gathering there seems to be one knowledgeable old man, this was no exception. ‘There’s only two in London and they use those for terrorist cases.’

The door opened and a cocky looking man in his early thirties was led in by the sergeant and guided to the middle of the line where one main character Bob had been standing quietly. All of the men shuffled across to form a space.

‘The prisoner held out his handcuffed hands. ‘You gonna remove these boss? Bit of a giveaway if you don’t.’

Once they were off, the sergeant departed again.

‘Sorry for putting you all out like this,’ the prisoner said to the group. ‘I’m sure it’ll be over in a jiffy.’

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