We Need to Talk (bp coyle)

Derek phoned his wife from work. ‘We need to talk,’ he told her grimly. ‘Meet me in The Red Lion about six.’

Can’t we talk at home?’

No. I need a drink.’

He arrived first, ordered from both of them. The place was busy for a Tuesday but he found a free table. She got there ten minutes later. ‘Is it something bad?’ she asked as she took the seat opposite him.


Oh God,’ she cried. ‘You know. It was only a few times. That is, a few guys. They were just flings, none of them lasted long. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you Derek, I do. I really do.’

He leaned back, ran his hand across his face. ‘Wow.’

How did you find out?’

I didn’t. Not until you told me.’

I don’t understand. What…?’

I’ve been made redundant. Twenty of us got letters this afternoon. The economy…’

Oh god!’ She tried to compose herself. ‘Well, let’s not panic.  We’ll get through this somehow.’

We?’ There was more than a trace of hysteria in his voice. People turned to stare. We don’t have to panic. Finish your drink, I’m going home to pack.’

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