Worst Case Scenario (bp coyle)

Okay, we’ve been over this countless times, but I want to make sure that everybody is clear on the plan.

We meet here at noon tomorrow, load up the car, drive to the bank.

We enter just after one when most of the staff are at lunch.

The robbery should take five minutes max then everyone goes their separate ways. Keep it to yourself, I don’t want to know.

And just so we’re all up to date, I replaced all of the bullets in Bob’s gun with blanks. I know he’s my younger brother but damn! You cannot imagine the amount of trouble he has got me into over the years. He’s just too unpredictable. No way I am letting any of us face the chair for that psycho.

For God’s sake please don’t let him know.

Okay folks, all going well, this time tomorrow we will all be set up for life.

Worse case scenario we, do fifteen to twenty hard labor.

Any questions? No. That’s great!

If any of you believe in a God, it’s the perfect night to remind Him of that. You might ask Him to make Bob behave while you’re at it.

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