Zombie Sex Party (bp coyle)

The conspiracy theory nuts had a field day, while they lived. It was started by the Yanks, to kill off jihadists. It was started by the North Koreans to kill off the Yanks. By the Jews to kill the Muslims, or the Muslims to kill the Jews. There was no shortage of options.

It began in Africa, always a favourite. It began in Asia. It began just about anywhere you can think of. Not that it matters. Within days of it first being diagnosed, the latest STD was turning everyone from horny beasts into flesh eating monsters.

It spread through countries, cities, communities. Through families. The infected endure an uncontrollable urge to copulate for the first twenty four hours. Then their hunger changes, they want flesh for different reasons. Civilization has fallen. Anyone who isn’t being screwed is being chewed.

As an Irish monk, my vow of celibacy has saved me so far. I’m hiding in a round tower, once sanctuary from marauding Vikings.

There’s no sanctuary from this Apocalypse. I’m on my last bottle of brandy. My last pack of Camels. I will join them soon. I hope I find a girl who hasn’t turned yet.


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