2018 (bp coyle)

This is going to be the best year ever, I really believe that. I am up for my first parole meeting in March and I have a real good feeling. I will get out into the world and work on being happy. I don’t need much, a roof over my head, an honest day’s work to make me feel human. I will have paid my dues to society, I deserve another chance.

I have been in here for a very long time now, even though I never did what they convicted me of. No use being bitter. Maybe I will meet a woman, someone sweet and kind, though I am hardly in a position to be fussy. I will be glad if anyone will have me.

No chance I will ever be able to track my daughter down, they changed her name after I was put inside. Not much point trying to find her mother, she is buried somewhere she will never be found.

The irony has never been lost on me, I could not provide an alibi for the murder they convicted me of because I was digging a nice deep hole for my wife at the time.

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