R.C. Peris

The author, when not writing, dreams of having a chicken sanctuary, a sloth as a walking partner, and a refrigerator full of cheesecake. She loves polka dots, mixing cocktails, and mysteries – from Sherlock Holmes to the quirkiness of quantum stuff. She has published three books and is feverishly at work on a few screenplays, when not writing short stories. She comes from a land that is occasionally full of fire, floods, rumbling earth, famous people, and with a tendency to riot – California.

Books and Short Stories by the author:
When a Child Disappears
Boogeyman Land
Girl Crucified
The Bloody Queen: Queen Mary I of England
The Bloody Queen (Non-Fiction)
The Lovely Savage

bp coyle

The author, when not writing, hunts for shadows in the hard light, has conversations with cats, catalogs his library of books, and collects marbles (he may be missing a few). He has a deep, deep distrust of vinegar and capital letters, loves brandy and peanuts, and avoids all foreign languages. He maintains he has little talent for music but wrote the lyrics to several successful songs. He spends his days happily caring for his children and his nights penning prose for his upcoming book. He lives in Ireland.

Ainsley Arin

The author, when not writing, plays Broadway tunes on her green ukulele, dreams of having penguins as her roommates, and living with sweet seals on an ice floe in Greenland. She would love an endless supply of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. She loves journals, washi tape, creating her own constellations in the night sky, and pens. Lots and lots of pens. She is currently working on a YA series, when not writing short stories. She is a globetrotter and has lived in Boston, NYC, LA, and Paris. She is from Ireland and currently lives in Iceland next to an eternally snowy mountain.