After the Money Runs Out (bp coyle)

‘I’m telling you man, that girl’s only usin’ you.’

‘Oh come on, you’ve never liked her. Anyone would think you were jealous.

‘Get serious man. I’ve been your best mate since we were in bleedin’ kindergarden. I’m tryin’ to set you straight. Once the insurance money’s gone, you won’t see her for dust. She’ll be long gone.’

‘I know you think you’re lookin’ out for me but you’ve got it all wrong. She’s not like that. She doesn’t care about the money.’

‘It must be your good looks she’s after then.’

‘No need to get sarky.’

‘You’re a fool man, everyone can see it but you. How much is left?’

‘I dunno.’

‘Sure you do.’

‘A few grand.’

‘Jaysus! Is that all? What the Hell have you done with it all? Spent it on her I bet.’

‘Hey, I should get you something nice while I can. What about new trainers? We could go into town on Saturday.’

‘I don’t want your bleedin’ money man. Not like some people. I’ve got to go. Give me a buzz when the money runs out. I’ll buy you a beer and lend you a shoulder to cry on.’

Image by martaposemuckel from Pixabay

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