Ask Her (bp coyle)

I swear, if you don’t go over there and ask her to dance, I’ll go over and tell her that my friend has a crush on her.’

No you won’t.’

Oh yeah I will, just like as if we were eight and out in the school playground.’

Oh God, I remember you doing that! That was so embarrassing.’

Well, if you don’t want it happening again…’

Stop it will you, I only agreed to come to this nightclub so I could keep drinking.’

You said she was pretty.’

She is pretty. I’m quite happy to admire her from here.’

Fine, I guess I’ll have to go then. Just don’t do what you did when we were kids.’

I don’t remember.’

You pulled her ponytail and ran away. You made her cry.’

No wonder I blocked that out. I’ve never been good with girls.’

You just need to act confident.’

I don’t feel confident.’

Whatever. One of us is going over to her. What’s there to lose?’

Oh God. Okay I’ll go. Buy me a whiskey so I can start drowning my sorrows as soon as I return.’

Maybe I should do it? You’re going to screw it up.’

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