Circle of Life (bp coyle)

The conspiracy theorists claim that the cure was invented before the disease appeared but no one has ever proven that to be so. Trust me, many people have tried to prove it. There certainly was little time between the two arriving in our lives.

The simple fact is that Pharaonox Pharmaceuticals PLC® released their so called universal panacea, BeWell®, at the same time as the sleeping sickness went pandemic. Millions of people falling into a coma they would never wake up from. BeWell® is the only known treatment for the sleeping sickness. No cure has been found.

All recent scientific studies have confirmed what was always rumoured to be true: the production of BeWell® produces pollutants which ensure that the sleeping sickness endures and continues to thrive in the atmosphere.

So what does the world do? Ten years later, endless meaning at the UN, billions of dollars in research, have all yielded no solution.

Stopping the production of BeWell® would cause countless deaths. The continued production of BeWell® means that the disease will never die out.

The only thing anyone can say for sure is that shares in Pharaonox Pharmaceuticals PLC® are worth their weight in gold.

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