Date Night (bp coyle)

You know how these things go, your friend asks a girl out on a date and she says ‘sure’, but she is only free on Saturday evening and she always goes out with her bestie of a Saturday evening so is it okay if this bestie comes along too? And suddenly you find yourself being dragged into it to make up a foursome. Honestly, the things I end up doing for friends.

You make your friend promise that himself and his new girl will behave, not kiss or get all lovey-dovey and make things even more awkward. And he does promise, swears, even crosses his heart. Yet the band has barely played three notes and he already has his tongue in her mouth. So you are left to make smalltalk with a perfect stranger as you both try to pretend that things are not getting x-rated on the other side of the table.

Turns out you really don’t have much in common. You knock back a few beers while she sips her glass of mineral water. The alcohol does not inspire you to find a topic that actually interests her. We are both in for a long night.

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