Deranged [A Poem] (Story by R.C. Peris)

Yes, I do love you.
But there is reckless terrain scattered,
By the gods to navigate.
The funny field’s bounty ran off,
Like a clown’s smile in the night.
I am an Apostate of Lovers.
There are lily pads in your eyes.
They move and clutter into an island.
This night is soon to end.
I shall swing from the trees,
And teach the leaves to dance.
Do you love me with your lovely liver?
Not the heart…
Only blood flows there.
Liver collects jewels and poisons.
Smile, I do love you.
We shall run when the sun cracks the expanse.
Black to purple to blue to white.
Ouch, the sky scorches.
Come into my arms as…
The day wanes and the dusks waxes.
I will give you a seashell to bury…
Like a meaty bone.
Dig it up when you want to kiss,
The foamy waters of your youth,
And that love that looks deranged.

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