Flowers (bp coyle)

‘Have you been to the graveyard recently?’

‘No. I’m not like you, going every Sunday without fail.’

‘Well, sadly we know a lot of the residents. I like to pay them a visit, let them know they’re not forgotten. Besides, on a sunny day it’s a very pleasant place. There’s always a free bench and you get a wonderful view of the sea.’

‘Yeah, maybe so but graveyards are not exactly my kind of thing. A bit spooky. A bit morbid. I do go on Ma’s birthday and mother’s day. I’m not bad daughter!’

‘Hey, relax. I wasn’t calling you out for not going, we all have our own way. It makes me feel better, that’s why I do it. Helps me remember… Anyway, the reason I asked is because there were fresh flowers on Ma’s headstone this week. That’s the third time I have found some.’

‘Odd! Maybe Dad put them there?’

‘Ha! Hilarious. He never bought her flowers when she was alive, he’s hardly going to start now.’

‘So who then?’

‘Perhaps she had a secret lover?’

‘Maaaaaa? Noooooo…’

‘Why not? It’s not like Dad was ever remotely romantic.’

‘True. Well, good for her if she did!’

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