Hello (bp coyle)

Hello, Janet speaking.

Hey Janet, this is Bill, Bill White, from work.

Bill, I’m in the middle of something at the moment. Is this about the McKinsey account? Can’t it wait until Monday morning?

It’s not about work. It’s more of a… personal thing.

I… see. Actually I don’t see at all. What do you mean?

I wondered if maybe you’d like to go for coffee some time. Maybe get a drink. Something to eat…

Bill, you do know that I am married don’t you? Actually I know you do. I remember showing you pictures from Vegas when we went there for our tenth anniversary.

You could say it’s work related.

I think you should hang up now Bill..

I need to say something. I…. I love you, I’ve loved you for years. You’re the nicest woman I have ever met.


I have a picture of you on my phone. From the Christmas party a few years ago. I look at it all the time. I talk to you in my head.


Sorry, I should not have called. I’ve been drinking a bit. It hasn’t been a great day. Let’s forget about this. See you Monday morning.

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