Home Alone (bp coyle)

It’s funny, I don’t ever really notice how empty my place is until this time of year.

I get on with things. Work. Painting. Walking the dogs. Always something to do.

Then Christmas nears and there are so many chores, so many gifts to buy, all of the decorating to do. I want it to be perfect for when they start arriving.

It different every year now. Sally always has a new boyfriend in tow. Daisy either has a new kid or is heavily pregnant. James and his wife seem to spend half of their lives either happily married or on the point of divorce. This year things were good, so Sheila and the boys were with him.

The house has never been fuller, people sharing three or four to a room, sleeping on couches, even the on the floor. There was so much activity, so much noise, I could hardly think. Really good holiday this one.

And then, it what seems like only a moment, it’s over, they’re gone.

That’s when I feel the loneliness.

Oh don’t worry about me, I’ll get back to routine and things will be back to normal in no time at all.

Image by Sonja Kalee from Pixabay