I Do? (bp coyle)

This is a big mistake.’ I took a final drag from my cigarette and lit another one from it. ‘A really big mistake.’

I had been pacing back and forth behind the church for over an hour, while my brother, the best man, watched on from a half broken bench.

Oh it’s just a case of cold feet,’ he assured me. He held out a bottle of vodka. ‘Here drink some of this, you’ll be fine. It’s happened to me every time.’

I took the bottle shaking my head. ‘Why am I listening to you? You’ve been divorced three times.’

He laughed. ‘True but I’ve just been unlucky.’

Whatever,’ I sighed. ‘I can’t do this. I don’t even like her. How did this happen to me?’

Yeah,’ he agreed. ‘Jill’s not all that likable, it’s true. But the church is booked and the reception hall and people are starting to arrive. If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think it will last a year.’ He phone started beeping. ‘Come on,’ he said after a brief glance at it. ‘People are beginning to wonder where you are.’

I took another deep slug of vodka and followed him.

This is a sequel to: Jill From Reception (bp coyle)

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