It Could Be Me (bp coyle)

It was a crazy thing to do, I don’t know what came over me. A moment of madness, temporary insanity.

I was down to my last five euro and it was still only Wednesday, Wednesday morning. My next social welfare check wasn’t due until Monday.

I trudged slowly to the shops, wondering how to eek out my meagre cash. Lots of bread and cheese seemed like a good way to go. Generic, brand names were a thing of the past. Or I could go another way, they were running a special on cider, six cans for a fiver. It was nasty stuff but dirt cheap.. I was still debating with myself as I walked through the carpark, that’s when I noticed the poster. Friday night’s lottery jackpot was eight million! I blew all my money on two tickets.

I was due a bit of luck I reasoned, everything had been against me since the factory closed down.

It was a long, hungry wait for the numbers to be drawn and once it began I sat before the tv in stunned amazement.

Not one number. Not one bloody number.

God I wish I had bought the cider.

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