Life Goes On (bp coyle)

I knew when we were standing there, facing the darkening sea, that this would be the best it would get. The best moment of my life.

This forever would be my happy place, my final thought before I shuffled off this mortal coil.

I put my arm around your waist and pulled you closer. You were explaining in detail something crisis at work, a petty squabble that you were endeavoring to resolve. I was paying more attention to the sound of your voice than the words you were speaking. You have such a lovely voice.

I didn’t check the time on my phone, I knew it was getting late, I’d have to leave soon. The last train would be departing.

I wanted to stay there forever with you. I wanted to freeze time. It was hard to believe that the moment could end. The day could end.

The sun continued setting behind us. I squeezed you to me and you squealed. Laughed. I was so happy, so distraught, I had to bite my cheek until it bled to keep from crying.

I didn’t let you know, I didn’t want to make you sad. To ruin it all.

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