Life on a Lead (bp coyle)

I don’t know what is wrong with my pack. They do everything so weirdly.

For one thing, they always keep me on a lead when we go outside for a walk.

Just me! Even the human pups get to run free and they are much wilder than me. Running out on the road, roughhousing in the middle of crowds, pushing and shoving. I would never do that.


Almost certainly.

Not all of the time.

And what do the rest of my pack do with their freedom?

I’ll tell you what they do. Absolutely nothing! They waste it completely.

They don’t bother smelling around the ground to see what other humans have passed by. It is generally believed that only animals mark their territory with pee but believe me, humans pee all around too. Especially down lanes and in doorways. Much as they like to think otherwise, they are simply animals.

Worst of all they are rude. Not once have I seen them sniff another person’s butt to say hello. They have no manners at all.

Why don’t they let me loose and keep the pups on a leash? That is the way it should be.

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