Long Distance Love ( bp coyle)

There’s an old Tom Hanks movie about meeting someone (Meg Ryan?) on the internet and having a long distance relationship. You’ve Got Mail perhaps? Or Sleepless in Seattle?

Whatever, I’m not into chick flicks or romcoms, so I never saw it. My story is a bit like that except not really. I’m sure Mr Hanks’ character was not frequenting sleazy dating sites. And I’m pretty sure that neither of the main leads was playing a married character.

So there you have it, the gist of my story. We were both married. We met on a site for people who wanted a bit of extra-marital fun. We hit it off from the start. This would have been fine if we’d been living near each other. Problem was that we were hundreds of miles apart, not even in the same country. This made meeting up a challenge.

We managed it a couple of times. She drove to my city, I caught the train to hers. They were nice days.

I’m sure things ended well for Tom and Meg(?), they tend to do in movies. Reality is different. We gradually fell out of touch.

I think of her every day.

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