Moll (bp coyle)

Isn’t it always the way? You meet a guy. He seems nice.


You go on a couple of dates.

Then it’s: ‘I have to go to a wedding.’ And he doesn’t want to go alone. He knows it’s an imposition. But could you …?





Bobby Darin number one with ‘Dream Lover.’

My own dream lover seated beside me in church.

His sister was marrying a London Bobby. We were front left. The entire right side filled with police in crisp, clean dress uniform.

Whereas my side was filled with… characters of dubious reputation. Turned out my date had a rather notorious family. Petty criminals one and all. Most were slinking down in their pews, collars up, lying low. Trying to be invisible.

From the right, countless eyes were assessing. Who was wanted for what? Who had done their time? Who was out on parole? Who was still on ‘ Wanted’ posters?

From the amount of attention I was getting, I was the only unknown. Who was I? A new player in the game? The next Ma Baker, or just the latest moll?

I decided it was high time to find a new lover to dream about.

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