Moongirl (bp coyle)

Moonbeam Peaches Apple-Blossom Johnson did not like her name at all and asked everybody to call her ‘Sue’.

This made her parents sad.

They had spent many stoned nights coming up with it.

They had referred to her as their little Moongirl when she was small and she had loved that until she turned four and started school.

Even when pared down to the basic Moonbeam Johnson she stood out at roll call and there was no place to hide on the schoolyard.

She came home each day covered in cuts and bruises, more than once with a split lip.  Her parents thought her clumsy.

One day they were summonsed to the Principle’s office. Seemed their little Moongirl had beaten up a boy twice her age. She had knocked him to the ground and stomped on him repeatedly until a teacher dragged her away.

This made her parents sad.

They abhorred violence of any kind.

On her eighteenth birthday, Moonbeam Peaches Apple-Blossom Johnson applied to have her name changed by deed poll. She also moved out of home and never went back.

This made her parents sad.

Children! You do everything for them and they treat you like dirt.

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