Old Photographs (bp coyle)

Dear David,

It’s been such a long time. I guess I must be the last person you were expecting to hear from.

Earlier today I was sorting through Mama’s box of old photos, the one she kept under her bed. So many memories, so many people I had totally forgotten about. Remember Uncle Jack? He was the hairiest man ever, we used to say he was a werewolf. You thought it was funny but I was really scared! And Auntie Meg, who always asked if I had a boyfriend yet? She started doing that when I was ten. I was still playing with Barbies for God’s sake.

Anyway, I found one of us together on the beach, dated ‘Summer ’97. We look happy together, you have your arm around my shoulder like a proud big brother.

It’s funny the things you forget over time, like that we were ever close. There has been so much bad blood between us.

But we were close once David. Perhaps we could try to be so again. All of the people in those photos are dead and gone. There’s only us two left.

Could we please try?

Your sister,


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