Over the Hill to Granny’s House (bp coyle)

I dropped in on Granny today on my way home from school. Just to check that she was okay. I go most days when I can. If I don’t have too much homework, too many assignments. Also nobody is home until after seven and it gets pretty lonely in my house. It’s nice to have company, for both of us.

I made her tea and some toast with marmalade. Made small talk about the weather. Told her about my day.

‘I’m like Paddington Bear,’ Granny laughed. ‘Marmalade sandwiches.’

We used to watch that together when I was small, too small for school. And Rugrats. And Bear in the Big Blue House. Dora the Explorer….

Granny raised me through my early years. She was always the one who was there for me. Dried my tears, washed my cuts. She always had a wise word to say when I was confused by life, scared.

Before I left I asked her if there was anything else she wanted. ‘Oh yes’ she said, ‘tea and toast with marmalade would be lovely.’ So I made her some more.

‘I’m just like Paddington,’ she said with a smile.

‘Marmalade sandwiches.’

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