Punchline (bp coyle)

The whole Kingdom has been shaken by the news, Princess Aurora passed away in her sleep last night. Every man, woman, and child is in tears. Every fairy, every giant, every creature you can think of is weeping. Even the birds in the trees are singing sad songs. A month of mourning has been declared. It is as though some form of mass hysteria has engulfed the country.

I appear to be one of the few who are left unmoved. She always seemed a bit insipid to me, I am really not sure what all of the fuss is about. Sure, she was kinda pretty in a way, but she never seemed to have much more going for her. Except for the narcolepsy of course, but that is hardly something to boast about. It was pretty embarrassing really, all of the other Kingdoms constantly made fun of us. Nonstop jokes. ‘What did Princess Aurora do when such and such happened?’ The punchline always being, ‘She fell asleep.’ Ha bloody ha! At least I won’t have hear them again, which is great. But the constant wailing is starting to get me down. This is going to be a long month.

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