Ruler (bp coyle)

The play came into my hands in a peculiar manner.

Actually it is not so much a play as a fragment of a play.

I had just picked my son up from his Montessori class. At the end of each month he brings home all of his drawings and we stick them around the kitchen. I was sipping coffee and browsing though this month’s offerings when one fell to the floor and I noticed that there was typing on the reverse side.

Always one to be nosy, I started to read and thus discovered the play. I was happy to find that most of the pages had bits of it on them. I guess the teacher had brought them from her home for the kids to use, rather than throwing them away.

It was quite a dramatic piece about a father going to school to confront the bullies who had been picking on his child. On the last page that I had, he pins a girl against a wall and growls, ‘If you touch my daughter again I’ll cut off your fucking face with a ruler.’

Not what you expect your three year old to bring home from class.

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