Secrets and Lies (bp coyle)

I thought it would be fun. An affair. A fling. Cheating is not just for men you know. Women can feel neglected too. I have reached a certain age and my husband doesn’t make me feel attractive any more. Doesn’t make me feel special.

I posted an ad on Craigslist. ‘Married But Lonely.’

I got a lot of replies, most of them unpleasant. Not that this surprised me much, anonymity allows people to show their true selves.

I did get chatting with a nice guy, in a similar boat to me. We had that in common and he made me laugh. We met for coffee and I will admit it, he was hot. A fair bit younger than me, which certainly added to the appeal.

It was exciting, meeting in secret, sneaking around. Eventually booking a pretty average hotel room. Mr and Mrs Jones. Paid for in cash. Two fun filled hours once a month. Bliss. The happiest I had been for years. Maybe the happiest I had been ever.

And the saddest.

It’s all a lie, a fantasy.

Wonderful while it is happening but it makes real life hurt so much more than it did before.

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