Something Special (bp coyle)

‘How do they feel Daddy?’ she asks me.

How do they feel? Oh my God, these are the most comfortble shoes I have ever worn in my life. They feel like walking on clouds. Like I am floating. My corns don’t hurt and my tendons don’t ache. This is bliss.

‘They’re okay,’ I lie. ‘Nothing special.’

‘Well they look great on you,’ she says. ‘Lets buy them.’

I look down at my feet, at these magical shoes and surpress a sigh. I didn’t know shoes could feel this good. But two hundred and fifty bucks for shoes? That’s crazy! You could feed a family for a month on that.

‘Don’t worry about the price Daddy,’ she tells me. ‘We have money now and you deserve something special.’

‘Oh it’s not the cost honey,’ I say. ‘But really I don’t notice any difference between these and the ones on special. No difference at all.’

‘We’re getting these ones,’ she informs me.

I want to protest, I really do. I’ve never spent that kind of money on clothes before. Everything I have on probably cost less than fifty dollars combined.

Yet, I say nothing as she searches for her card.

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