The Worst Thing About Zombies (bp coyle)

Okay, yeah there’s plenty of not so great things about zombies. The moaning, the smell, the whole trying to eat your brains thing. But you get used to all of that eventually. And they’ve been with us a decade now. It’s hard to imagine a world without them. The problem for me is how lazy they are.

Take my wife. She was one the early converts. Once the first weeks were over and she went into Phase Two, she calmed down a lot. We muzzled her of course. We made a nice little place for her in the shed out back and she was happy enough to eat the tinned zombie food which had only come out at the time.

They are not as dumb as they look and can learn to do simple tasks. I got her a job at the local gas station, packing grocery bags and carrying them to out to the customer’s cars. It doesn’t pay much but every little helps.

Thing is, she keeps walking out it the middle of the day and coming home. If it wasn’t for those electrified zombie prods we’d never get them to do anything.