Vodka (bp coyle)

The best thing about sharing a house full of foreign students is that we all frequently go home. For a week. For a weekend. Home means traveling out of the country. That means duty free!

The one unwritten rule of the house is that everyone returning from home has to bring a bottle of extra large, extra strength, vodka. The stuff is dirt cheap and eighty per cent proof.

Yesterday Ciaran came back from Dublin. Being a Friday we went to the pub and had a good night. Played some pool, some darts. Then we went back to the house and opened the bottle. And…

Well I guess it was an interesting night. I woke this afternoon to find the bathroom door kicked in, the shower smashed, the kitchen a mess. A lot of people didn’t make it to bed and are still crashed out on the living room floor. A couple are asleep on the stairs. I don’t even recognize a few of the faces.

I seem to recall an ambulance arriving during the night and taking someone away. Maybe a cop car? It could have been a dream.

It might be time to unwrite the unwritten rule.

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