When September Ends (bp coyle)

‘I got the check.’

‘Really? I don’t believe it. After all this time he’s finally paid up?’


‘All of it?’

‘Every last cent.’

‘You should never have gone into business for yourself, you’re not cut out for it. You’re so bad at collecting your debts.’

‘Calm down, I got it didn’t I?’

‘Show it to me.’

‘Okay, but there’s just one thing…’


‘He post-dated it to the end of the month.’

‘Why would he do that?’

‘You know he’s been having a lot of problems. The hospital bills for his little girl must be costing him a fortune. And then he’s not been in great health himself, what with…’

‘Whatever, just give it here. Hmmm… Well, Mother was right, I really did marry an idiot!’

‘What’s wrong. I checked it all, he signed it, it’s fine.’

‘The end of the month! This is September, you know that right?’

‘Yes of course I do. So What?’

‘It’s dated the thirty first.’

‘Yeah, like I said, the end of the month.’

‘Oh my God! What a bloody moron. Didn’t you learn anything at school? How many days in September? How many bloody days are there is September?’

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