Where The White Whales Cluster (story by R.C. Peris)

Sorenson, a hardened man in his forties, lived on the coast in Northern Hudson Bay in the province of Manitoba in Canada. He had a farm and a lot of livestock. Sorenson was not a nice man and the town stayed away from him, for the most part. He had a few acquaintances. He regularly drank beer with a priest. He also was friends with an Inuit Shaman.

Sorenson told the priest he wanted a wife. The priest, through his church connections, found him a wife from Labrador. She arrived with one suitcase. Mary was her name. She was lovely and young.

Sorenson kept her at the farm. Sometimes he brought her to town. This never went well. A man would smile at Mary and Sorenson would go into a rage. He never hit her in public but we all knew he did so in private.

One summer day, Mary went away. Sorenson spent two weeks looking for her. He went to the shaman. The shaman told him to go to the spot on the Bay where the white whales cluster. There he would find Mary.

Sorenson went to the water and after two days found the spot where the white whales cluster. He waited and then Mary approached looking happy. She was carrying a bucket to collect food. Sorenson caught her, Mary screamed and then he blinded both her eyes.

Mary would never run away again.


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