Your Mother (bp coyle)

‘Hey Sis, sorry for calling over so late. Molly kicked me out.’

‘Damn! Did you stay out all night drinking again?’

‘What? No!!! That only happened once and it was years ago. Nobody ever let’s me forget.’

‘You’d better come in. Tell me what happened.’

‘Nothing happened. She was going on and on about how long the grass was getting. Worrying what the neighbours would think. But it was no big deal. She thinks things get done quicker if she nags. She is so turning into her mother.’

‘Oh God. You didn’t actually say that to her did you?’

‘Yeah. I guess. I don’t know.’

‘Tell me exactly what you said.’

‘I said ‘you’re turning into your mother.’ That’s all. It’s totally true. Can I sleep on your couch tonight? When I go home in the morning it will all have blown over, as if it had never happened.’

‘Wow, you are such an idiot. No woman evers wants to hear that she is turning into her mother. Ever. Like never. It’s the worst possible thing you could say. I’ll make up the bed in the spare room. I thinking you’ll be staying here for a long time.

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