A COVID-19 Abecedarian [part one] (bp coyle)

A is for aspirin, they won’t help this time.

B is for Brian, and I’m feeling fine.


C is for coronavirus, the curse of our time.

D is for doctors, working on the front line.


E is for epidemic, this won’t go away.

F is for fever, take your temperature each day.


G is for graphs, that keep going up.

H is for hospitals, we don’t have enough.


I is for incubation period, I’m not sure how long.

J is for jobs, will they all be gone?


K is for kissing, no thanks, I will pass.

L is for lockdown, how long will it last?


M is for mitigation, make those numbers fall.

N is for nurses, God bless them all!

Image by Sumanley xulx from Pixabay