A Slow Day (bp coyle)

Wow, it’s been a very slow day.

The slow days are the worst around here, which is strange when you come to think about it.

I used to long for the slow days when i was smaller.

Slow days were the dream.

On a fast day the world is like a war zone.

There’s so much shouting.

So many tears.

Things get thrown then.

Lots of things.

Things break.




The fast days are bad.


Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing good about the fast days.

On a slow day the world is peaceful. Tranquil even.

On a slow day everyone is quiet, respectful, polite, thoughtful.


On a slow day it’s like we’re a normal family. It’s feels like the way life is supposed to be.

It’s not that I find it boring. Honestly it’s pretty close to Heaven.

It’s all I long for on the fast ones.

The thing is, you can’t trust a slow day.


Never trust a slow day.

One wrong word, one wrong move, one wrong sigh and a slow day changes in less than a second.

You can’t trust a slow day.

Slow days are the worst.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay