Application (bp coyle)

Day One – First Attempt

I’ve just finished my passport application form. Could you look it over to see if I did everything right. I’m so useless at forms. I just go blank.’’

‘Sure. Let me see… Hmmm… You marked your gender down as ‘male’. Either that’s a mistake or there’s something you need to tell me.’

Damn. I’ll have to do it again.’

Day One – Second Attempt

‘You have us down as having a same sex marriage. Are you sure there’s nothing you need to confess?’

Oh, for &%$+ sake! I’m an idiot. I’d better get more forms.’

‘Get a good few while you’re at it.’

Day Two – Third Attempt

‘We haven’t lived at that address for ten years.’

I so hate forms!!!’

Day Two – Fourth Attempt

‘You put today’s date down as your date of birth.’

I’ll try again tomorrow.’

Day Three – Fifth Attempt

Okay. I’m really confident with this one.  I think I’ve finally nailed it.’

‘Yeah. That was close. See where it says ‘county of birth’ you put ‘Ireland’ which is a country. You should have put…’

I get the idea.’

‘Would you like me to do it for you?’

What took you so long to offer?’

Photo by Agus Dietrich on Unsplash