Back to School (bp coyle)

Wow! How did that happen? The holidays are almost over, school starts again in a couple of days.

It seem like yesterday that they had just begun. Where did all of those days go?

What did I do? I had so many plans for the summer. I was going to finally read Lord of the Rings., I was going to learn Japanese. I was going to keep a diary.

I read the first chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring, removed the clingfilm from my Beginner’s Guide to Japanese and didn’t even buy a diary.

I really have no idea what I did at all, apart from sleep and play Fortnite.

Oh God back to homework soon. Back to French and algebra. Back to the schoolyard and all my fellow students. Boy did I not miss any of them in the past few weeks. Maybe the more annoying ones will have matured a little. Although, I remember wishing that last year and it didn’t happen.

I think I grew a couple of inches since school ended, maybe it was all that sleep.

I hope nobody in my class grew more, I’m the shortest there as it is.