Be Afraid of the Dark (bp coyle)

Nyctophobia: extreme or irrational fear of the night or of darkness.

An irrational fear? I really must disagree. There is nothing remotely irrational about fearing the dark. Our ancestors have done it since the dawn of man and with very good reason. We would not be around if they had taken a more cavalier approach.

Who knows what is hiding, biding its time, waiting to get us? Be it natural or supernatural. Animal or worse still, human. There are a lot of bad things out there, a lot of things that want to do bad things to you.

So, turn on all the lights in your home before the sun goes down. (Use energy saving bulbs of course, think of the planet). Make sure every lock is locked, every bolt bolted. Switch on the alarm, the back-up alarm too. A few prayers to whatever God you believe in never went astray. I throw in some to the ones I don’t believe in as well.

Then barrage the door to your bedroom, crawl beneath your blankets and count down the endless seconds until dawn.

Most of all, never forget to be afraid.

Extremely, rationally, afraid.