Beauty and I – A Beast’s Tale (bp coyle)

Go ahead, call me crazy if you want to but I really think Belle is the one for me.  I know she is the only girl I ever met in my life, so I do not exactly have anything to compare her against.  The books I have read suggest taking my time, seeing what is out there.

Yet Belle and I have so much in common, so many shared interests.  We both love to read, to walk along the beach, to work in the gardens of my estate.  We both love music and dancing together into the night.

We both love sex.

And I totally think I am her kind of beast.  She even pretended to believe that nonsense about me being a handsome prince placed under a nasty spell.  Who could ever believe in evil fairies?

When I told her that the spell would only be broken after we had made love.  And that it might take a few dozen times.  She seems quite happy with that.

‘We had better get started right away then,’ was her reply.

I may need to adjust that figure up to a few hundred times very shortly.