Clean (bp coyle)

Nobody has ever done this to me before,’ she whispered.

I smiled. ‘Surely when you were young…’

Well yeah,’ she admitted. ‘But that’s hardly the same..’

I lifted her left arm and moved the soap under it.

It feels weird,’ she told me. I could feel her tension.

Just close your eyes and relax. This is meant to be enjoyable, not an ordeal.’

I lowered her arm and moved the soap across her chest and down to her breasts, she groaned quietly. ‘So, has this always been a fantasy of yours? To have a naked woman in the bath and wash her?’

No,’ I laughed. ‘I have only wanted to do this since I met you.’ I was going lower, across her stomach, lower, below her navel, lower…

Why?’ I could barely hear her voice.

I set the soap aside and resumed with my fingers. ‘I don’t think anyone has ever spoiled you. Ever taken care of you. You are always the one who takes care of others. You deserve this.’

Oh God’ she groaned. ‘I don’t think this is making me clean.’ Her breathing had become shallow, ragged.

Never mind,’ I laughed. ‘I can wash you again.’